How We Tripled Our Income in Only 3 Months

Hi! My name is Leslie Householder and I’m a stay-at-home mom of seven children.

Do any of these describe you?

  1. You’ve just begun to explore the connection between your thoughts and the world around you, and you’re curious to learn more and find out if there’s really anything “to” it.
  2. You’ve heard some things about the laws of success, and you believe in them – you really do! But maybe things haven’t quite worked out the way you hoped…
  3. Or, maybe you’ve already had some success applying the principles, but want to take it up a notch. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel absolutely confident that you’re going to have all you need to accomplish that next goal?

Here’s the thing: As I’ve helped tens of thousands of people since 2000, one of the most COMMON problems occurs when a student launches full-force into their goal-setting efforts with only a PARTIAL understanding of the principles. Inevitably, those efforts lead to frustration and failure.

Too often, people will experience this disappointment and give up before really understanding why it didn’t work out the way they hoped.

That’s why I created the MINDSET FUNDAMENTALS™ eCourse – to get you into the right headspace BEFORE taking the leap.

hyrum-smithRealize ANY Dream, Achieve ANY Goal

“The principles so uniquely taught [here] take everything I have done a step further. This …must be experienced and not described. The person who can comprehend and internalize the laws of thought as they are beautifully analogized in these pages, will realize any dream, effect any change, achieve any goal they desire.” – Hyrum W. Smith, Co-founder Franklin Covey, CEO Galileo

The fact is, two people can do the exact same things, take the exact same actions, but the one who is consciously aware of the principles will get better results. Your THOUGHTS have an effect on your success, so let’s get your thoughts in gear! It works, so let’s get started. All you have to know is what you really want. Welcome to a new life!


Leslie Householder

What is the Mindset FUNDAMENTALS™ Ecourse?

If you’ve ever set and goal and wondered:

  • Where will the money will come from?
  • How long will I have to wait?
  • What if my life is a mess?
  • How can I take the risk out of taking risks?
  • What if I’m the only one who believes in my goal?
  • What if I don’t believe in myself?

Then you’re in the right place. Get answers TODAY in these easy-to-read pages of powerful principles, and you’ll also receive 20 additional lessons to help you succeed. Let me keep your head (and heart) in the game well beyond the typical 21 days required to change a habit. Discover what happens when your THOUGHT-HABITS are transformed!

Want to Retire?

“I tripled my income and my husband retired from his day job and started his own personal chef business that he’s been dreaming about for years! To say the information is life changing would be an understatement! Thank you!!” – Marnie Marcus

Gain Uncommon Confidencebob-proctor-2015

“I am genuinely impressed… In a unique and creative way, The Jackrabbit Factor will lead her readers through successively increased levels of awareness and leave them not only with an uncommon confidence, but more importantly, with the ability to make any life change they desire… Success seekers of all degrees of knowledge and experience will benefit from this… ” – Bob Proctor, Proctor-Gallagher Institute

Enjoy Step-by-Step Guidance

“Okay, I’m in tears now! And feeling better and more positive, loved, guided and directed than I ever have in my entire life. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad this day started, or the day before, but I know how it’s going to end! Thank you so much for sharing [this] with me. You are amazing! Just amazing. And you know what? So am I!” ~ Suzanne S.


Purchase today and you’ll receive:

The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can

A complete PDF copy of my award-winning national best seller (Value: $15.00)

* Discover how to profit from your losses
* Enjoy peace of mind (no matter how bad things are now)
* Experience a profound shift in perspective today

Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters

A complete PDF copy of my  bestseller on the 7 Laws (Value: $15.00)

* Know how to think when faced with a disaster
* Find out how long it takes for goals to materialize
* Discover the power of the Vacuum Law of Prosperity

20 Additional Lessons based on the content of these books

I recommend you ponder just one lesson every three days, so that it helps you keep your head in the game well beyond the typical 21-day “required to change a habit” period of time. After you read the course material provided to you immediately after purchase, the following lessons will go deeper into the principles and provide additional insight not contained in the books. Let the following twenty lessons help you change your THOUGHT-habits:

Lesson 1 – Understanding the True Source of Success
Lesson 2 – How to Goal for it!
Lesson 3 – Why and How to Scrutinize each word
Lesson 4 – Utilizing the Student ready/Teacher appears Principle
Lesson 5 – Pay Attention, and DO… What?
Lesson 6 – How to Get out of Debt
Lesson 7 – Why it Matters that The Goal is Your Baby
Lesson 8 – What the Lights will Never Be…
Lesson 9 – Time for Hidden Treasures
Lesson 10 – All about Laws
Lesson 11 – More about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation
Lesson 12 – More about the Law of Relativity
Lesson 13 – More about the Law of Vibration
Lesson 14 – More about the Law of Polarity
Lesson 15 – More about the Law of Rhythm
Lesson 16 – More about the Law of Cause/Effect
Lesson 17 – The Law and Patience
Lesson 18 – What about the Vacuum Law?
Lesson 19 – What’s More Powerful than the Jackrabbit Factor
Lesson 20 – Your Choice

…plus you’ll receive the following THREE bonuses:

Free Bonus: The Secret Link: Thoughts and Wealth

James Allen’s classic book in PDF format: As a Man Thinketh

* Be inspired with this quick but profound read
* Find out precisely how you ended up where you are right now
* Learn how to think today so your tomorrows are the best they can be

Free Bonus: The Science of Getting Rich manual

Wallace Wattle’s profoundly powerful book in PDF format

* Find out how to work with Universal Law to accomplish your goals
* See why God is on your side in your search for abundance
* Discover why there is no competition for what you want

Free Bonus: Lifelong Support

A subscription to my Rare Faith eNewsletter

* Keep your head in the game with fresh, inspiring articles
* Receive special discounts and freebies for subscribers only
* Tips and tricks for handling life’s challenges

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Read what my students have to say:

“Despite my current financial conditions, I was ready to send you $37 just for the Jackrabbit Factor ebook I already received, even if there was no E-Course. It is apparent to me that you really do care about improving peoples lives and you offer your gifts from the heart. Please know that you have succeeded in not only improving peoples lives but in making the world a better place through doing so. May the love and abundance that you have shared be returned to you a hundred fold and then some!” Russell R.

“I am sitting here in tears because you cannot understand what a blessing and inspiration you have been… I have always believed that positive thought and faith have helped me to stay strong and persevere but [now] …I can do more than just get by.” – Wendy Valentine, mother of three.

You’ll be protected by my 100% money-back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, I will personally refund the entire amount of your purchase, and you don’t even have to give anything back. Just give the MINDSET FUNDAMENTALS™ eCourse fair and honest effort for 8 short weeks. If you do each of the simple things it suggests for 2 months and you’re not thrilled with your purchase, your investment will be refunded with no further questions asked.

For Serious Students Only:

While some students begin with the budget-friendly Mindset FUNDAMENTALS™ Ecourse (and then use what they learn to obtain the funds needed for more robust training), other students immediately feel “this is it” and jump right in to the 12-week Mindset MASTERY™ Program for the greatest impact. I’m happy to help you, no matter what step you’re ready to take.

Click on the “full description” link at the bottom of each column for more information on each program.

If you have any questions, contact me here.

I look forward to helping you!


Leslie Householder

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Learn how to set effective goals for amazing results

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Complete a guided experiment with an inconsequetial goal

Complete a guided experiment with a significant goal

BONUS: Receive Leslie's personal Goal Review Service ($199 value)

Mindset Fundamentals

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Mindset Mastery

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